Published on February 7, 2008 By theAVMAN In OS Customization
Have you ever had multiple projects and could not decide which one to work on well that is my issue here.So I thought I might let the community decide!

1st 3D Metal a cool skin and If I haven't waited too long skinhit is doing an IP for it!

2nd Smoothy it will come in 4 flavors Original,bananna,strawberrry,blueberry

3rd is Azul another 3D in a cool blue

Anyone want to test a trial run of any of these let me know!

Thanks The A/V Man
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on Feb 07, 2008
Smoothy looks cool and refreshing especially with that mayan ip.
on Feb 08, 2008
OK the votes so far

3D Metal...|......Azul.....|...Smoothy.|
2_______|______ 2_______| ____3_____|

Thank you all very much for your opinioins!!!

Dont be silly Sir...I'm still here for you

Thank ya Jack

Nimbin sending you a PM with link fot test pack.
Again thank you all for your help!
on Feb 08, 2008
For those who got a link it will be back up at 8:30 est had to make a change
on Feb 08, 2008
I like Smoothy.

The metal one is nice.
The last one...
I downloaded blackbox and just couldn't deal with the 3d effect to make it look like a box. I like the color scheme on yours and everything else, but the 3D edge thing, personally, doesn't do a thing for me. I could get use to it in the metal one because it's smoother and for me, blends better.

Smoothy is very nice. Not enough quality skins for me in the color your previewing here. I would use that a lot.
on Feb 08, 2008
I like smoothy....

though all 3 rock!
on Feb 08, 2008
Thank You PO sending you a PM

Killajosh thanks
on Feb 08, 2008
Link is up now
on Feb 08, 2008
Smooth. Really clever concepts on the other two though IMHO just think for everyday use folks would eventually enjoy smoothy better.
on Feb 08, 2008


I like 3DMetal and Azul both, but if I had to pick one, it'd be 3DMetal. Very nice.

on Feb 08, 2008
Thank you for your input

Thank you also

Current Polls
3D Metal 3 votes.....Azul 2 votes....Smothy 5 votes
on Feb 08, 2008
Zubaz votes for Smoothy - because the 3D, while cool, really can't be complete and thus, is jarring for me
on Feb 08, 2008
Zubaz votes for Smoothy

Thank ya sir

Current Polls
3D Metal 3 votes.....Azul 2 votes....Smothy 6 votes
on Feb 08, 2008
They're all gonna be great Harley - I'm torn between Smoothy 'cos I like the sound of the flavours, and 3D Metal because I really want to see where you take that.
on Feb 08, 2008
Thanks Andy
on Feb 08, 2008
3D Metal. I like Start Panel, menu and Window Frames. I like the other ones too.